April 14th, 2018

Europa Congress Palace


We live surrounded by chaos, post-truth, fear, corruption, loss of values, injustice, ignorance, discrimination, hypocrisy…. We know that, behind this thick haze, a new world is possible; more than ever, we need to switch on the light to harmony, truth, security, happiness, justice, understanding, reason… and it’s in our hands. Sometimes, it just takes to push a button.

We can provoke this change, and being a part of this change is the proposed theme for TEDxVitoriaGasteiz in 2018. Do you dare to push the button? Switch on the light!

Evento 2018 Switch on the Light EN

Europa Congress Palace

85, Avenida Gasteiz 01009 Vitoria-Gasteiz

HOURS (Subject to change)

  • 9:00h to 9:50h: accreditations.
  • 10:00h: starting of the event.
  • 10:00h-14:00h: sessions of talks and performances
  • 14:30h-16:30h: lunch (included), networking and workshops (45 min)
  • 16:30h.18:00h: sessions of talks and performances

Europa Congress Palace

Speakers 2018

Cristina Gutiérrez

Cristina Gutiérrez


Rally driver. After winning three times the TT Rally Spanish Championship, in 2017 she became the first Spanish woman finishing Dakar Rally. (More)

Rodrigo García

Scott Wallace


An award-winning author, television producer, and photojournalist covering the environment, vanishing cultures and conflict over land and resources in the world’s volatile frontier regions. He is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Connecticut in the United States. (More)

Concepción Alicia Monje Micharet

Mar Abad


Co-founder of Yorokobu magazine (innovation, creativity…) and of the content company Brands&Roses. Vice principal of magazine Ling (destinations). (More)


Juan Soto Ivars


Journalist and author. Columnist in El Confidencial. He appears in many TV and radio shows. He has received many literary awards.(More)

Dominic Colenso

Marián García Fidalgo

Medical innovation

With a degree in Physics by the University of Zaragoza, she was a teacher at the Applied Physics Department of the University of the Basque Country. Today she is the head of Medical Physics service in OSI Araba. (More)

Elena Crescia

Christian Rodríguez

Photography and activism

Documentary photographer exploring themes related to gender and identity, working with communities all over the world. Currently, he is developing two main long- term projects: “Teen Mom,” about teenage pregnancy in Latin America, and a personal project on Realismo Mágico (Magical Realism), the Latin American literary trend.

Sonia Moreno

Sonia Moreno

Journalism & human rights

Living in Rabat since 2010, Sonia is the correspondent of Cadena SER in Morocco since 2012. She also collaborates with La Sexta TV, El Español, and El Diario from Magreb. (More)

Oscar Lage

Oscar Lage


Cybersecurity Responsible in Tecnalia and Blockchain expert. Teacher at business schools and universities, serial entrepreneur, and regular contributor in mass media and special events.

Eva Collado Durán

Eva Collado Durán

Human capital

Strategic consultant in human capital, teacher, lecturer, and author. (More)

Ion Padilla

Ion Padilla


After his stage in CERN helping understand the origin of the universe, and HP, one of the biggest technological companies in the world, Ion and his team are revolucionizing the world with the concept connected mountains. (More)

Gloria García-Cuadrado

Gloria García-Cuadrado


Scientific Director and collaborator of the RTVE show ‘Órbita Laika’. The objective of her company, Celestia Aerospace, is to facilitate access to the space to any educational center and small and medium business, by using nano-satellites. (More)

Roberto Cacho

Roberto Cacho


Founder of Etikalia, the first ethic real estate agency, when he discovered that he could make a living and improve people’s lives from social innovation. (More)

Nagore Espinosa

Nagore Espinosa


Tourism Measurement Expert, Entrepreneur, Lecturer and Professor. A world traveler with a PhD in Business, Regional Competitiveness and Economics; consultant for the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization. Passionate about helping people make better decisions to make tourism more intelligent, sustainable and inclusive. (More)

Juan M. Blanco

Juan M. Blanco


Juan M. Blanco is an economist, university professor by profession, columnist, and speaker by devotion… and a curious traveler by impulse and emotion. (More)

Nerea del Campo

Nerea del Campo

Gender Violence

Philologist. She has developed the educational method ‘Empalabramiento’ (Emwordment), to empower foreign women through the learning of Spanish as a second language. In 2007, she reported abuse, and was born again. (More)

Performances 2018

Xabi Pombo

Elh Malick


From Senegal. Elh Malick has made his way on the Vitoria-Gasteiz scene, as a soloist, and also together with his reggae band.


Hibai Etxebarria

Born in Gernika in the 80s. He dedicates his life to music in many aspects: pedagogue, researcher, producer, composer, interpreter, multi-instrumentist, journalist… Despite having studied computer engineering in his first years at university, he has been lucky enough to make a living out of his passion.
He worked for the magazine MondoSonoro and for EiTB. He acted in theaters and as lecturer. He has recorded more than a dozen albums, with different styles, and performing different roles. Today, he is presenting his new personal project: HIBAI. And also, he is playing in many projects that have led him to half the world.
He loves risking and trying new things. There’s always something new and someone new from whom to learn. He loves to explore his limits to expand them. Getting out of his comfort zone as, these places are the most enriching and interesting.

Workshops & Unconference 2018

Evento 2018 Switch on the Light EN

Todd Hannula

Live Your Life: 3 Lessons I Learned When I Died

I died on September 12th. How I came back from dead and the fact that I did had an effect on me, those around me, and even my extended network that was unlike birth, near death experiences, or even death itself. In different ways, we all became profoundly aware of the misdirection of our typically fast, successful lives — *we were missing out on the beautiful unknown of living a slow motion life full of connectedness and empathy.

And more to come…


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For the 2018 edition, Switch on the light, we have four price bands:

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